With over 19 years of operational experience, Emergency Assist 991 has invested heavily in infrastructural capabilities and in return, demands a high standard of performance accountability. The company is dedicated to achieving and maintaining the highest standards in every facet of operations.

Protocols, training, equipment, and staff are constantly updated, and Emergency Assist 991 strives to offer the best optimal response times and technical expertise beyond international standards. We draw on wide skills set and knowledge base in advising and delivering on our assistance products as well as telephonic support lines from our 24 hour Contact Centre located in Gaborone.

Emergency Assist 991 has the following infrastructural attributes that make it your preferred assistance service provider 

  • A strong record of practical experience in Botswana in the provision of emergency assistance solutions
  • An established culture in delivering high standard of emergency professional services and being performance-measured against objective standards
  • An audited approach to clinical medicine with continuous medical education for all staff members
  • The capacity to deliver on the entire emergency service package, including training programmes and organisational support necessary to sustain the services
  • A team of paramedics, doctors, nurses, technicians, call centre agents and training instructors employed by the company who are technically well qualified and leaders in their perspective fields so that the client receives only the best quality service
  • With over 140 000 subscribers, we have heavily invested in our self-owned and managed resources that include assistance vehicles, operational staff and contact centre as means of controlling end-product service quality, optimum response performance and resource availability.


To sustain human life and mobility through our world class professional assistance and training services.


To be the leading, most reliable assistance and training provider in Southern Africa.