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Emergency Assist 991 formally known as Netcare 991 is a 100% citizen owned company that was officially launched in April 2003 as a result of a joint venture between an international company, namely Netcare 911 South Africa, and two citizen investors being Tumelo Pabalinga and Simon Modisaeman. After buying out the NetCare 911 South Africa shareholding in 2008, the company rebranded from NetCare 911 to Emergency Assist 991. The company then became a 100% fully citizen owned, with two local shareholders being equal partners in the business.

Our Services

Emergency Assist 991 Emergency Response Vehicles

Emergency Assist 991 offers fully integrated, world-class roadside assistance services, call centre assistance services, pre-hospital emergency medical assistance, and evacuation by road or air transportation and first aid training. Emergency Assist 991 has invested heavily in infrastructural capabilities and, in return, demands a high standard of performance accountability. The company is dedicated to achieving and maintaining the highest standards in every facet of operations. Protocols, training, equipment and staff are constantly updated and Emergency Assist 991 strives to offer the best optimal response times and technical expertise beyond international standards.

Our Competencies

We draw on a wide skills set and knowledge base in advising and delivering on roadside assistance services as well as telephonic support lines from our 24 hour Response Call Centre located in Gaborone.

Emergency Assist 991 has the following infrastructural attributes that make it the preferred emergency service provider

  • A strong track record of practical experience in Botswana in the provision of emergency assistance solutions.
  • An established culture in delivering a high standard of emergency professional services and being performance-measured against objective standards.
  • An audited approach to clinical medicine with continuous medical education for all staff members.
  • The capacity to deliver on the entire emergency service package, including training programmes and organisational support necessary to sustain the services.
  • A team of doctors, nurses, paramedics, technicians and call centre agents selected in the business are technically well qualified and leaders in their respective fields so that the client receives only the best quality service.
  • Investment in self-owned and managed resources as means of controlling end-product service quality, optimum response performance and resource availability.

Emergency Assist 991 has developed an integrated marketing strategy to promote products being: Roadside assistance cover, Call centre assistance services, Emergency Medical Assistance services and First Aid Training, into a seamless product grouping.

Emergency Assist 991 currently has a client base that comprises of individuals, group schemes i.e medical aid, insurance companies, financial institutions and private organizations.

Emergency Assist 991 Team

What We Stand For:


To be recognized as the best and most reliable Emergency Assistance company in the market.


We render 24/7 world class emergency assistance by providing emergency medical services
and roadside assistance, all supported by a state of art emergency call centre and life support training.


  • Reliable
  • Exceeding customer expectations
  • Compassionate
  • Open and transparent
  • Innovative
  • Team oriented

Our Leadership




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