2020 Heralds a new era in Driver Training in Botswana!

EA991 Driving Academy, a sister company of Emergency Assist 991, is proud to be a Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) Accredited Driving School. 

The EA991 Driving Academy, based in Gaborone,  is offering Learner Driver’s the opportunity to learn to drive in a safe and professional environment, with instruction provided by Accredited Driving Instructors, and roadworthy vehicles, with dual pedal controls, as per the Botswana Driving Schools and Driving Instructors Regulations (2015).

The enactment of the Driving Schools and Driving Instructors Regulations in 2015, and the development of driving and driver training standards by Botswana Qualifications Authority has brought new and improved standards for driving and driver training in Botswana, with the view of professionalising this industry. 

Driver Training Institutions are now required by law to have approved facilities, training equipment, roadworthy vehicles with dual controls, as well as accredited training programmes and qualified trainers / instructors.

Showing EA991 Driving Academy Head Office & Block 3 Industrial Branch for Learner Driver Training in Gaborone

Why we started the Driver Training Academy

Road Safety, and the deaths on Botswana roads, is a major concern to EA991 Management, and through a series of workshops and strategy sessions held with ACTA and the FIA Region I, it was identified that in order to reduce road deaths and accidents in sub Sahara Africa, a focus should be on improving Driver Training and changing legislation in this industry in Africa.

This is one of the reasons why EA991 decided that one of their key objectives was to be actively involved in Driver Training. Over the past 18 months, EA991 has been actively involved and engaged with the Driving School Industry as well as with Government and specifically the Department of Road and Transport Safety (DRTS). 

During 2019 EA991, entered into a joint venture with a small BQA Accredited driving School - Road Master Driving Academy, with the vision of developing and launching the EA991 Driving Academy and expanding to other major centres in Botswana as the business grows into the future. 

Defensive Driver Training courses started in February 2020, however with the advent of COVID-19, as with other industries, impacted negatively on the planned roll out and launch of the EA991 Driving Academy Training courses, which was to have taken place at the end of March 2020.

The Government has lifted the COVID restrictions, and EA991 Driving Academy Courses will start on the 15th June 2020. 


Driver Training that Learners can trust!

  • EA991 Driving Academy is an Accredited Education and Training Provider (ETP) by the Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA). 
  • All Instructors are all BQA accredited.
  • The  training courses are BQA Accredited & DRTS Approved.
  • Currently the only BQA Accredited ETP that can train Driving Instructors.
  • The Courses are aimed at encouraging learners to become safety conscious road users.
  • All vehicles are fitted with tracking devices.
  • All Learners are covered by 3rd Party Insurance.
  • Female Learners can request Female Practical Instructors.
  • In the unfortunate event of the need for Emergency Assistance, Learners are covered by the trusted EA991's Emergency Rescue services.

That's why Smart Drivers, Start at EA991 Driving Academy

Location Map - Head Office & Block 3 Industrial Training Centre

location Map EA991-Driving-Academy-Head-office-Gaborone

Location Map - GWest Training Centre, Gaborone West

location Map EA991 Driving Academy Gwest Branch, Gaborone