Affordable Roadside Assistance Service Cover Packages designed to provide total motoring peace of mind!

We help you get back on the road as soon as possible. Our Roadside Assistance cover offers our members access to complete vehicle cover and the cover is enjoyed countrywide in Botswana and South Africa.

Our Roadside Assistance cover offers the following services and benefits

991 Emergency Helpline

Emergency Assist 991 operates a 24 hour dedicated helpline that clients use to access our roadside assistance services. Contact Centre Agents are professionally trained to deal with all our emergency calls


In the event that our road patrol Team cannot assist on the spot and the vehicle needs to be towed, an Emergency Assist 991 assistance vehicle or an Emergency Assist 991 accredited service provider will be arranged to tow the vehicle to the nearest repair center.


Our Team provide free jump-start services in case of flat batteries. Battery replacement service is available, however, the client is directly charged for the battery cost.


We provide fuel up to a maximum of 10 litres to enable the client to reach the nearest filling station. The cost of the fuel is directly charged to the client.


On arrival at the breakdown, our patrol Team will assess the problem and carry out minor repairs that will enable the client to continue with their journey. If the vehicle cannot be repaired we will arrange towing to the nearest place of safety or repair.


When the keys are locked in the vehicle, road patrol team will assist in opening the vehicle. Where our road patrol team is unable to open the vehicle, we will arrange for the services of a locksmith. The cover will not pay the costs of replacement of parts.


In case of a flat tyre we will change the tyre for free. (Our cover does not provide spare tyres, repair punctures nor do we cover the costs of replacement of a new tyre.)