Student Code of Conduct

At Emergency Assist 991 Driver Training Academy  we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch, unparalleled quality driving instruction to students throughout Botswana.

We expect our staff to deliver the very best, while expecting our students to give us their best.  As such, we want our students to take advantage of the learning opportunities we are providing to help develop their competencies.  Students, no matter the lessons they are enrolled in, are required to adhere to the highest personal standards during their instruction time.

The Learner Code of Conduct is designed to ensure that students enrolled in EA991 DTA (herein referred to as the “institution”) contribute to a safe and successful learning environment by defining the behaviour and conduct expected from students.


All students shall:

  • Treat everyone with respect, regardless of culture, race, nationality, religion, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, or social class. The Institution will not tolerate any discrimination, harassment or bullying, including cyber bullying, and expects students to report any such incidences to their trainer as soon as possible.
  • Comply with and promote the values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. Take care not to behave in a way which glamourizes or normalizes violence or extremist beliefs and challenge any behaviour in others which appears to do this.
  • Respect contributions made in class by other students and not undermine them by inappropriate comments or behaviour such as sighing, tutting, side comments to other students etc.
  • Adopt behaviour and use language that is appropriate and does not upset others. Swearing, excessive shouting and using inappropriate gestures will be challenged.
  • Follow trainers’ instructions and established class etiquette regarding answering questions in class, for example, raising the hand to answer a question, allowing others to answer questions, not interrupting other students when they are contributing to the class.
  • Follow all Health and Safety instructions given out by any staff member.
  • Switch off mobile phones, personal communication devices in classrooms and in all working areas except if they are being used to assist learning.
  • Contribute to the Institution’s continuous improvement systems by providing constructive feedback about the programmes and services.
  • Meet financial commitments relating to their programme (if applicable) promptly and in full.
  • Act always in a manner that does not cause offence nor bring the Institution into disrepute.


All students shall:

  • Attend classes regularly and punctually and inform their teacher by email, text or phone of any absences, where possible in advance of the class. Where missing a class is unavoidable, take responsibility for contacting the trainer and arranging to catch up on the work which has been missed.
  • Complete all work set by trainers to agreed deadlines.
  • Successfully complete all internal and external examinations and assessment, where appropriate, to progress on the programme.
  • Ensure all work produced for assignments and exams is your own work. Where information is used from another source this shall be referenced appropriately. Plagiarism and/or cheating may lead to disciplinary action by the Institution.
  • Comply with the ‘Acceptable use of IT’ policy and use IT facilities to support your learning and not to access any website that is against Institution policy.
  • Any student who without reason nor prior communication to the instructor or administrative staff misses five (5) consecutive scheduled lessons for any stage of the entire programme whether theory or practical shall be deemed to have left the programme and any reinstatement and shall attract a surcharge equivalent to 15% of the total programme cost.
  • Any student who without reason nor prior communication to the instructor or administrative staff fails to attend up to two (2) scheduled assessments at the Department of Road Transport and Safety-DRTS shall be liable to pay for the third and subsequent attempts a fee equivalent to the assessment booking fee charged by DRTS.

Health & Safety:

All students shall:

  • Show regard for the well-being and safety of other students, staff, community groups and visitors always. Reports of alleged incidences of violence towards fellow students, staff or visitors will be investigated and may result in immediate temporary suspension or permanent exclusion from classes.
  • Become acquainted with the Institution Health & Safety regulations and follow the proper institution evacuation procedure in an emergency.
  • Inform the Institution of any disability that might result in help being required in the case of an emergency evacuation.
  • Do not smoke, bring illegal drugs, alcohol or offensive weapons onto the premise or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol whilst on institution premises.
  • Keep the Institution clean, free from litter and graffiti and not eat or drink in the classrooms or learning resource centre.

Personal and Institution property:

All students shall:

  • Show respect for the premises and property of the Institution and the possessions of other students
  • Return all borrowed books and items of equipment by the due date. You will be responsible for the cost of any damage or loss of Institution property.
  • Be responsible for the loss or damage to your own property. All articles of value left on the institution premises, including cars, bikes and motorbikes are left at the owner’s risk.
  • On signing the enrolment form / learning agreement, each learner agrees to the Institution’s terms and conditions and to follow the Learner Code of Conduct. Failure to comply with the code may lead to suspension or termination of enrolment with or without costs.

The institution is committed to treating every student with the utmost respect and appreciation.  You can expect the following:

  • Our team will make the process fun and engaging.
  • The material presented will be relevant to present times.
  • Knowledge, skills, and attitudes learned through our programmes will help you forever.

In a nutshell, we want the learning experience to be a positive one for all involved.  In general, we expect every student, regardless of age or lesson type, to comply with the following:

  • Be on time
  • Be prepared
  • Avoid disruptive behavior
  • Wear proper attire
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Display a friendly demeanor
  • Ask questions when in doubt